Strong coffee brewed by steam forced through finely ground dark roasted coffee.
$1.75 Enigmocha
It's an enigma...& while it changes every time, it'll always be more than just a mocha.
Double espresso.
$2.25 Quazimocha
Quadruple espresso, Irish Creme syrup, semi-sweet chocolate & steamed milk topped with whipped cream.
Espresso lightened with hot water.
$1.75 Midnight Express
Our version of Turkish coffee; double strength espresso steamed with cardamom, served with sugar & rose water.
Espresso with a dollop of foamed milk.
$1.95 The Cheater
Cappuccino de luxe...double espresso with a dash of hazelnut syrup, topped with foamed half & half & nutmeg.
Espresso topped with foamed milk.
$1.95 The Electra
Almond & vanilla flavoured Caffe Latte.
Caffe Latte
Espresso & steamed milk topped with foamed milk.
$2.25 The Webfoot
Hazelnut & vanilla flavoured Caffe Latte.
Cafe Breve
Espresso & steamed half & half topped with foamed half & half.
$2.50 Red Square
House blend with a shot of espresso & raspberry syrup, topped with whipped cream & served in a bowl-sized cup.

All mochas are made from espresso with chocolate & steamed milk, topped with foamed or whipped cream.

  The Rialto
Espresso & steamed half & half with a touch of caramel, topped with foamed half & half.

The Puzzler
Triple espresso & coffee syrup topped with whipped cream.


The Landmark
Our house mocha; made with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate.
The Hacienda
Mexican chocolate flavoured with vanilla, almond, coconut, cinnamon, & nutmeg.
The Dunes
Dutch bittersweet cocoa & Swiss chocolate syrup.
$2.50 Cup o' Joe
Your choice of our medium roasted House Blend -or- French Vanilla.
regular 94
large $1.50
The Sands
Rich white chocolate from San Fransisco.
$2.50 Cup o' Tea
Our house blend of Ceylon teas, served hot.
regular 94
large $1.50
The Mint
White mocha with creme de menthe syrup.
$2.75 Assorted Teas
Various black, herb & fruit teas, by the bag.
The Moulin Rouge
Bittersweet with coconut & cherry syrups.
$2.75 Cafe Au Lait
Choice of brewed coffee with steamed milk topped with foamed milk in a bowl-like cup.
The Castaways
House mocha with natural banana syrup.
$2.75 Hot Chocolate
Your choice of semi-sweet, Mexican spiced, Dutch bittersweet -or- white chocolate with steamed milk & whipped cream.
The El Rancho
Mexican chocolate mocha with caramel.
$2.75 Chai
A spicy blend of black tea, ginger, pepper, nutmeg, sugar & milk.
    Monin naturally flavoured syrups added to any drink 50


We will make a fresh soda for you from any of the syrups and flavourings on hand. We've listed out the three basic styles of sodas, with some of our favorite flavor combinations, but let your imagination run wild!

Jerry's Iced Tea
Sun brewed black tea blend.
Seltzer water & flavoured syrups
Herbal Iced Tea
A variety of refreshing fruit & herb blends; see the Specials Board for the seasonal selections.
$1.50 your choice:
Angel's Kiss - cherry & almond with a splash of rose water.
Ginger Snap -
ginger, Rose's lime juice & a splash of bitters.
Iced Coffee
Double strength French Roast
$1.50 Lime Rickey - cherry & Rose's lime.
Green Man -
kiwi fruit & Rose's lime.
Thai Iced Coffee
Double strength French roast coffee & coffee syrup, floated with half & half.
$1.95 Seville Splash - mandarin orange & swiss chocolate.
Tutti-Fruitti -
a blend of tasty fruits.
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
No additives -or- preservatives
...served with ice in a large glass.

Seltzer water & flavoured syrups with a layer of cream floating on top.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Nothing added...served in an 8oz. glass.
$1.95 your choice:
Creamsicle - vanilla & mandarin orange.
Milano -
mandarin orange & chocolate.
Apple, cranberry -or- cranberry-apple in an 8 oz. glass.
$1.50 Vanilla Cream - vanilla
Bananarama -
banana & Swisss chocolate
Pina Colada -
coconut & pineapple.
Bottled Water
Sparkling -or- non-sparkling.




Seltzer water & flavoured syrups foamed with milk; chocolate & vanilla are traditional, but any flavor is possible.
    your choice:
Almond Joy - chocolate & almond
Nut House -
hazelnut & almond
Coffee Cream -
coffee & vanilla


Strawberries & bananas blended with your choiceof juice or lemonade. Make up your own, or try our favorites.

Guilt-free (and alcohol-free) cocktails...mixtures of juice, tea & exotic flavourings.
your choice:
Sweet Dreams - bananas, milk, ice & coconut syrup whipped smooth.
Berry Ripple -
strawberries, cranberry juice, ice & cherry & raspberry syrups.
Ginger Peachy -
strawberries, apple juice, ice & ginger & peach syrups.
$3.75 your choice:
Enigma Fizz - apple juice, lemon & ginger syrups & a splash of seltzer.
Fuzzy Navel -
fresh squeezed orange juice, peach syrup & a splash of seltzer.
Kiwi Cooler -
black tea, lime juice, & kiwi fruit syrup.
Green Fuse -
fresh lemonade, kiwi fruit syrup & a splash of seltzer.
Scarlet Lemonade -
lemonade with natural raspberry, cherry -or- strawberry syrups.
Spring Fever -
black tea, mandarin orange syrup & a splash of seltzer.
Tongue Twister -
lemonade, Rose's lime & apricot syrup.
Harvest Cooler -
black tea, apple juice & peach syrup.

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